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The Invasion and Keeping Mum

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Today I went to the movies again with my girlfriend. I hadn’t been a fan of movies for a while as they seem to have gotten more formulaic, or I’ve become even more impatient but the VIP theater in Terramall is comfortable enough to be fun. You get a leather recliner and food service in your seat so I’ve found myself spending an afternoon in the mall about every week these days.

The movies aren’t getting any better, but the last two I saw were refreshingly mediocre, as opposed to appallingly formulaic. For some reason the 2005 Rowan Atkinson movie Keeping Mum was in the theater here in Costa Rica. It was a weird mix of boringly amusing.

And today we watched The Invasion, which was creepy enough in certain parts to be interesting, but the ending was anti-climatic to me. I was sure there was an insipid plot twist to come when the helicopter takes off, but no it all just wraps up with a quick run-through of the happy ending’s details.

Neither film was any good, but were less irksome to me than Hollywood’s fare has been in recent years and Nicole Kidman didn’t irritate me like she usually does.