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How to reduce your smoking

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Ok, so working in my own company, Horizontal Verticals, means I get to smoke when I feel like. Since you can smoke in any bar and restaurant in Costa Rica and I can now smoke at work that has led me to smoke too much.

So here’s the plan (and I’m writing it here as much to remind myself to stick to it over the next few days as much as anything else):

- I am allowed to smoke only 5 minutes before or after the top or bottom of the hour. If I miss a window I am not allowed to make up for it.

Pretty easy. It keeps nicotine levels while separating smoking from other triggers and is an easy rule to keep. Later I’ll reduce it to the top of the hour only and from there I can get to the right number of cigarettes I want a day (not yet interested in quitting).

Went to the dentist.

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

I finally went to the dentist. I’d been needing a filing for a while and my fiancĂ© got sick of hearing me say I was going to go and scheduled me a visit. It was quick and uneventful. The prices are charged per visit ($50) for most dental work here and they divide big work into different visits. I have a follow up next week and I’m just glad someone’s finally forcing me to take care of details like this that I tend to put off.