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We bought a condo

I have been quite busy over the last two weeks. I bought a condo from my buddy Tri and have been busy moving.

It’s in Santa Ana which I like more than Escazu and Moravia (the other places in Costa Rica I have lived) and we are trying to get everything settled (got the blinds, waiting on the AC, trying to figure out how to import a sliding glass dog door from the states…) and moved in.

We finished the moving, and because the elevator is not yet running (it’s a new building) we did it all up the stairs. It was a pain but on the positive side it kick started my efforts to get back into shape. I’ve now been walking the dog in the neighborhood (and there are some great walks right nearby) and sleeping better. I’m even waking up early and getting a full night’s sleep which I rarely did in the last years (I am a night person and don’t usually sleep much).

I started my lil’ garden on the balcony and am having fun in the new place.

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  1. joe(your cousin) Says:

    Hey Robert! Congradulations on the new place. I heard you were staying at g-mas around the same time as me, but it seems i missed you. Anyways, i still plan to visit you in Costa rica at some point in the near future if that is still possible. later man.

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