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Mr Brooks and Shoes for Dogs

The girl and I went to the mall today and saw Mr. Brooks. It was only marginally interesting in that it is a decidedly different moral perspective on serial killers than usual Hollywood fare. They usually don’t portray a nuanced serial killer and it’s the first film I recall in which the serial killer’s struggle to control his urges are center stage. But enough about that, I have something more interesting: dog shoes.

My girlfriend bought shoes for Harry. They are little blue sneakers that lace up and I was sure he’d kill himself if he had to wear them. But he didn’t mind them much and ran around sounding like a horse. I’ll post a video of him and his new kicks when I get around to it but he’s more comfortable than I imagined he would be.

But as I expected, he’s too boisterous to keep them on, if he’s energetic he’ll run till one falls off and if not he’ll untie them all and knaw on them. My girlfriend says they are for his weekly outings to the park but I think I’d be mortified to walk a dog with shoes on in public, even if I think it’s very funny in private.

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  1. Nick Says:

    I hear ya, man. I immediately wanted to institute a “no gay dog sweaters” rule when we got Ajax. Unfortunately, the weekend we got her we were having highs in the low teens, and in the mornings it was closer to zero. A dog that small simply can’t endure those temps, so low and behold, the dog has a sweater. I only put it on her if its below 20 degrees, though. Otherwise, she can handle it long enough to pee.

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